Heal Your Eczema The Natural Way

Eczema describes a number of skin conditions that include increased inflammation of the skin, leading to patches of redness that are itchy and often scaly/bleeding. Eczema usually affects children, although it can also occur in adults. The drugs and treatment options your doctor will recommend are only symptomatic in nature. Rather than work on curing your eczema, they only serve to take away the overlying symptoms. Some of these creams, ointments and tablets are very effective – especially ones that contain steroids, but these tend to have a large number of potentially dangerous side-effects. If you are one of many people who aren’t able to get a handle on their symptoms with medical drugs, or simply want to avoid the side-effects of medical therapy, then you’ll be happy to learn that natural eczema remedies are a very powerful alternative option.

Oatmeal Baths

Rather than use chemical-laden moisturizers that are absorbed by your skin, why not use natural oatmeal, which works just as well, but does not contain any preservatives or harmful chemicals. You can either use oats as they come in the box, or it is better to put them in a blender to form a powder. You can also buy the powdered form, called colloidal oatmeal. Rather than eat the oats as you normally would, you apply it to your skin – not directly, but rather by pouring say a couple of cups-worth to your bath.

After you have added the oats and mixed it into the water, you may find that over time the oats tend to gather at the bottom. Just move your body around in the bath to get the oats moving again. Experts recommend that you soak in the mixture for about 15 minutes. It is very unlikely that this solution will irritate your skin, though there is a very slight possibility, and if this does happen then stop using oatmeal baths immediately. Otherwise, you must continue to use it for a few weeks before seeing its full effect. This is one of the home remedies for eczema that works best during flare-ups and can be done up to twice a day until your flare-up has subsided.

Identifying Other Triggers

On learning how to cure eczema, you’ll find that eczema has a multitude of different triggers that may be responsible for you flare-ups. Eczema isn’t just affected by the creams, emollients and ointments you apply on your skin, but also from what you eat, what you drink and even what you wear.

As with many illnesses that are triggered/worsened by lifestyle practices, it is helpful if you keep a diary of the foods you eat, your daily activities, and the severity of your symptoms. You may start to notice certain patterns, such as certain pollens, fabrics, or cigarette smoke. Better than any drug or natural remedy you can take for eczema, is to be identify what these particular causative factors are and to eliminate them from your life. Be sure to see your doctor however, as you may need a revision of your current medication.

One idea is to purchase special skin-friendly detergents from your local health store. Fabric softeners are also common triggers of eczema, since they are usually quite heavily laden with perfume. Whether topical solutions like avoiding scented detergents and soaps are successful or not, you will still benefit from a change in dietary habit. Focus on eating vegetables, whole grains, and essential fatty acids and stay away from processed food, saturated sugar, orange juice and milk. The best way to treat your eczema is to combine a multitude of different factors like the ones mentioned to you above.


Despite these home remedies being effective, it is still necessary for you to get a full diagnosis from your doctor, since other serious skin conditions like psoriasis can easily be mistaken for eczema by the untrained eye. Sometimes it can be harmful to combine natural therapies with conventional creams/drugs, so always seek the advice of your doctor before you start treating yourself naturally.

Over time, as your condition gets better, you will be able to get away with seeing your doctor less and less. Although natural remedies are highly effective, they don’t compare in terms of sheer effectiveness to the strongest medical drugs. So if your symptoms are particularly severe, it may be a good idea for you to accept medical treatment, at least for the time being. There is always the option of supplementing your conventional therapy with home remedies.